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adidas turns plastic into product

Wear the change with adidas x Parley's new ecological sneaks

Did you know that an estimated 2.41 million tonnes of plastic are entering the
ocean each year? Take a moment to process this, and it's quite overwhelming.
But despite alarming facts like these, there’s a growing conscious community
within the fashion world fighting back.

Enter: adidas x Parley

Pioneering sports brand adidas has joined forces with the not-for-profit
eco-organisation, Parley, in continuing their efforts to protect our oceans
by making cutting edge designs you'll love to wear. Check out the deets below.
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adidas x Parley want to educate us through fashion and we are SO into it.

The campaign consists
of two key phases:

1. A digital activation run

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ The problem of marine plastic pollution isn’t going to go away,
but WE can be the change!

Through Runtastic and JoyRun, join hundreds of motivated runners in
a free 5k to inspire a collective movement and implement positive change
for our oceans. For every kilometre completed, adidas donates $1 to the
Parley Ocean Plastic Program, up to $1 million.

You can show your support for #RunForTheOceans via social media.
To find out more about the Run For The Oceans, check out

2. Communications campaign

‘Threat into thread’.
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To celebrate Ultraboost as the pinnacle of running sneakers, adidas brings you its latest
footwear drop through this eco-conscious collab. The sock-like upper of the sneaker is
made from upcycled Parley Ocean Plastic™ and the collection also introduces the Z.N.E
Parley Hoodie and sweatpants, carefully constructed with Parley Ocean Plastic Yarn™.
See the collection
Let’s wave goodbye to plastic pollution and dive into a more mindful
way of thinking (puns completely intended).
Words: Amy Roberts